All you wanted to know about Udio Treats!
November 16, 2016
Udio Treats

What are Udio Treats?

‘Udio Treats’ is a unique currency that can be used in the world of Udio. It is almost as good as cash if not better! The value of Udio Treats is equal to cash, which means if you have 100 Udio Treats it is as good as having Rs.100 in your Udio Wallet.

When you earn Udio Treats as part of promotional campaigns & your loyalty towards Udio, they will appear under the vouchers section on your app.


If you want to know more details about your Udio Treats you can click on it to read the details on your app itself.

UdioTreats info

How can I earn Udio Treats?

Udio Treats being a Udio currency can be earned for transactions that you do on Udio. Additionally, our merchant partners could also run promotional campaigns where you can earn Udio Treats. Use the app everyday and watch out for promotional campaigns to know how & where you can earn Udio Treats.

How do I use the Udio Treats?

Udio Treats is a currency that is as good as cash in the world of Udio. You can recharge, pay bills or gift vouchers from the Udio app using them. You can also use your Udio card either offline or online and use them as a substitute for cash.

Don’t have a Udio card yet? Download the Udio app and order a physical card. You can use your Udio Treats via your Udio Card at malls, stores, restaurants, petrol bunks & more as well as on online websites & apps just like any Debit/Credit Card. You can also generate a digital Udio Card that can be used for all your online transactions, where you can spend your Udio Treats.

There is also a small section on your app itself that gives you details on how you can use your Udio Treats.

UdioTreats HowToUse

What if my transaction value is more than my Udio Treats?

Incase you have Udio Treats available in your wallet and you try to make a transaction (Recharge/Bill Pay, Gifting or Udio Card swipe/online payment) your Udio Treats will get utilized first automatically. Only if your transaction amount is higher than the value of your Udio Treats, then the excess amount (over & above your Udio Treats) will get deducted from your Udio Wallet cash balance.

In case your transaction amount is lower than your total Udio Treats value, only the transaction amount will get utilized from your Udio Treats balance and teh remaining will be available for you to use on your next spend. However, make sure you keep track of the expiry date of your Udio Treats so as to use them in time!

Do the Udio Treats expire?

Unfortunately, all good things come with an expiry date & so do Udio Treats. To know the expiry date of the Udio Treats that you have earned, click the Udio Treats section in your Udio app/web. Make sure you utilize your Udio Treats before they expire.


What is the difference between cashback & Udio Treats?

Cashback is boring, while Udio Treats is the new way to spend! Value wise, they are just the same; which means 1Udio Treat = Re. 1; so if you have 100 Udio Treats it means you have money worth Rs. 100 in your Udio Wallet.

You can do everything crazy with your Udio Treats even when your wallet balance is zero! You can use them to recharge/pay bills within the app itself, gift friends branded vouchers via the app or go shopping with your Udio Card and spend the Udio Treats on all your favourite things.

When someone ‘treats’ us, we would never save it for later or pass it on to another person, in the same way the only thing you cannot do with your Udio Treats is transfer them to your bank account or send it to another friend. After all who does that with ‘treats’ right?

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